Quiz draws - exclude question A if question B has already been drawn


I am working on assessment made up of questions drawn randomly from different banks (e.g. 50 questions, 10 from each bank). Some of the material to build questions from is limited so several questions in the bank are the same thing but worded differently or with different wrong answers. 

I am hoping to find a way of preventing two similar questions being drawn. Is it possible (with variables) to exclude question A if question B has been drawn?

Alternatively, would building linked groups work? I.E. If the exam required 10 questions and the bank had 30 to chose from, can I link them into 3 groups so that Storyline drew down an entire set which I had pre-grouped as not 'repetitive' questions. 

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Douglas Spencer

You can do the first option. Without getting too wordy...

  1. Frist create a T/F variable that is defaulted to False (BslideVisited).
  2. Created a Trigger on timeline start on the B slide that changes BslideVisited to True
  3. Put a slide in front of slide A that defaults to go to slide A on timeline start if BslideVisited is = to False
  4. Create another trigger on that slide that restarts the question bank if BslideVisited = True
OJ Donnelly

Hi, Douglas. Thank you for your reply.

I am fairly new to Articulate so I apologise if I am missing something obvious - but I don't think I am following your instructions very well.  I am ok right up to point 3.

I am in a draw from quiz set up - so when I insert a new slide before the relevant question (A), it doesn't give me the option to jump to the specific slide that question B is on. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi OJ,

It looks like Douglas has come up with an interesting solution for you here - and you could also look at linking them into groups. But if the user revisits the quiz or is reattempting it, using the normal question bank structure there is not a way to ensure that they don't get the same questions pulled again as it is a random draw.