Quiz Error for no obvious reason

Hi guys,

I have an issue with one user of a course which has been rolled out for the past few months without incident. I would appreciate any suggestions!

When the user attempts the final quiz the first question does not appear as it should, instead it appears as "Incorrect", in the view you would see if you were reviewing the quiz (see attached).

This has not happened for any other users as far as I know.

Is it something to do with settings on the laptop used? We tried clearing the cache and browsing history but to no avail.





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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bryan,

It's only this user who is seeing the set up? Did they previously attempt the course? You mentioned clearing the cache and that should give them a reset of the course...but if they're still seeing it the same way perhaps the LMS is also saving the status. Were you using the course status to "always resume"?