Quiz - feedback after each Q

Hi, I have a client that wants the following for their quiz.

Consists of 12 MC, 9 TF and some short answer questions.  Wants the learner to attempt the question and get immediate correct/incorrect feedback and at the end of the quiz gets another two attempts to get it right.

I had Feedback none initially for the first round, then when the above requirement came up I changed it to feedback by question, but as I go through the quiz, the correct / incorrect feedback layers are not displaying.

Anybody help.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wendy,

If you removed the layers for feedback, you could reenable them within the "edit question" option for each individual question slide. At the very bottom you'll see the feedback section and they should look blank right now. If you add content within there, the layers should be re-created.

In regards to the attempts, if you'd like the user to only be able to retry the quiz at the end you will want to use a method such as described here.