Quiz feedback appearing on slide when learner goes back to the slide

Sep 21, 2017

Hello, everyone!


Is it possible to see the quiz question feedback when the learner returns to the question?

For example, when learner selects the answer, clicks Submit, he sees the question's feedback and goes on to the next question. 

If he wants to return to the previous question, he clicks on the Previous button, where, currently, he only sees the answer he selected.

Is there a way to see the feedback associated with the question?






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Michael Shannon

You could add some logic to the page. 

  1. Create a T/F variable for each of your pages' feedback and set the variable to F. You'll have to have a unique one for each page and each feedback. 
  2. Put a trigger on each feedback layer that changes the variable to T when timeline starts.
  3. Put triggers on each page's base layer: show layer, when timeline starts, if var is T. You'll have to have as many of these triggers as you have feedback layers. 
Julie Frappier

I have 38 questions, so I created 38 T/F variables (ex. TF1, TF2 etc.) . Then, I created a trigger for the incorrect feedback layer and correct feedback layer - that changes the variable to T when timeline starts.  I also added a trigger on each page's base layer: show layer, when timeline starts, if var is T.  --- But for this one, I added 2 (again, one for incorrect and correct layer).. 

Julie Frappier

Okay, it did work. On my first question, I have a lightbox, and only on that slide, does the feedback not show. ... The other questions (which do not have a lightbox) are okay. Feedback appears when going back to the questions.


Any ideas on how to make the feedback appear when there's a lightbox attached to that question?

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