Quiz: Fill in the blank

Feb 04, 2014

I have set up a slide draw to pull random questions from my question bank.  At the end of the quiz on the results slide, if the student did not pass, I have a "Retry Quiz" button to allow the students to retry the quiz.  When testing the Retry Quiz button in Preview The test will restart but my Fill In The Blank questions do not reset.  When a fill in the blank question is pulled, if it was used in the previous attempt the answer the student entered is still listed in the answer field.  Any ideas?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Robert,

I wonder if that's a bug, because it works OK if the FIB is NOT in a question bank.

I just tried this, and it worked for me:

On the results slide, add a trigger to the RETRY QUIZ button that resets the FIB text entry to blank.

Be sure this Trigger is ABOVE the Jump to Slide trigger in the Triggers Panel

Please shout out with any questions.

Robert Summers

It still reacted the same way. I could not get the answer field to clear/reset.  In the variable field in the Trigger Wizard I had three options Unassigned, TextEntry, and TextEntry1.  I tried all three combinations. I even tried different combinations in the Trigger Wizard field to the right of the value field.  Still no luck.

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