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Sonny Boyd

I just had the same problem and found the cause, though you have probably all figured this out by now. The problem is caused when you put the Submit button in the stage area with the hotspots. When you click a hotspot, it becomes active and is waiting for a Submit Hotsp[ot interaction. When you click the Submit button, the hotspot moves to the Submit button in the stage area, but still submits the interaction - giving you an incorrect answer and a hang. So you have a couple of choices, the easiest of which is to use the Submit button on the player. However, if you have not been using the Submit button in the player, it will be foreign to your users.

My suggestion is to add another layer called Submit, and then paste your submit button in place. Position the Submit button to the desired position. Go back to the slide layer and set a trigger to Show Layer, Submit when the timeline starts. Works lika a champ.