Quiz issues in SL3


I have three graded  (total of 12 questions) knowledge checks throughout my course.  If they fail, I have a retry button. I created a trigger to reset results on results slide but when I go through it again the submit button on the quiz questions is gone.  The next and previous button take it's place.  I have gone through all of the quiz questions and set them to "reset to initial state".  What am I missing?  Is it because I'm trying to do the retry in preview mode and not the LMS?

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Joey Buys

Good day Pamela.

On your results slide's 'Failure' layer: is you 'Reset results xxx' trigger at the very top of your triggers panel? You should have two triggers: the aforementioned reset trigger and another one thereafter that takes you to a specific slide ('Jump to xxx').

 Secondly, are your questions all correctly mapped to their respective result slide(s)? You mention that you have three graded knowledge checks, do these all have a individual results slide? If your questions are not correctly mapped to the correct results slide, they will not be reset to their initial states. 

Setting the quiz questions' slide settings to 'Reset to initial state' will be overruled by the results slide (if it is configured correctly). It is safer to leave this setting on 'Automatically decide'.

If possible, can you please share your Storyline file so that I can have a look at your configuration for you?

Kind regards.