Quiz learner by filling out a chart?

I'm looking for a way to quiz a learner on filling out a time chart and submitting it for grading -- I found the Freeform option -- but I can't figure out how to create several text fields that will be evaluated at the end.  Also, I want to give the user the opportunity to fill out the incorrect sections -- Is this possible?  Attached is the chart I'm looking to have them fill out.  example - Monday and Tuesday worked 8 hours, Wednesday took a vacation day, Thursday worked 10 hours and Friday was a holiday.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Kelly!  Would using Storyline's screen recording tool to make a Test Mode simulation help you out?  If that wasn't quite what you're looking for, one of our friends, Jeanette, shared a screencast of setting up multiple text entries on a single slide.  It's built with Storyline 1, but the same concepts should apply to Storyline 2.