Quiz Menu with Tracking and Navigation

Hello, there!

I am trying to create a menu within storyline that will track quiz results and allow users to view their current results as well as navigate between slides (quiz questions).  I have almost fully accomplished what I want with one issue:  when my menu lightbox appears, and I use a button with a trigger to jump to the appropriate quiz number, the slide/quiz question is still a light box.  I tried adding a close lightbox trigger, but that isn't working.  Any ideas how I can achieve this?  I want the users to be able to click on "Menu" and see their current results (marked with a red x for incorrect and green check mark for correct) and navigate to whatever question they want.

Please note:  I have only created my menu option and quiz results uploading to the lightbox menu for the first 4 quiz question.  Thanks!

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Antony Snow

Hi Rita,

I have had a quick look at your .story file and believe that you still need to add a trigger somewhere to tell SL to close the lightbox that is opened when the user clicks on the Menu button.

As a test, I have added a trigger to the 'Question 2' button on slide 2.1 (Menu) to close the lightbox when the user clicks on it and I have moved this trigger to ABOVE the trigger that jumps to the appropriate slide - SL executes triggers from top to bottom so you want to close the lightbox first and then display the question.

I hope this helps.

Rita Apt

Here is another question for you...do you know if it's possible to copy and paste all of those triggers I entered into another slide/layer?  I want to convert what I did into a dropdown menu without having to replicate that work 25 times.  Each time I copy and paste my objects of the green Checkmark and red X, my adjust variable triggers don't copy.  The only triggers that copy with my objects are my "jump to slide__" triggers. 

Thanks in advance for the help!!