Quiz moves to complete after resuming course

I have a short quiz done in Storyline (Update 6). On the question slides I have set the number of attempts per question at 2. If I run through the quiz in one sitting all works fine, number of attempts per question, scores correctly etc.

If I exit midway through the quiz and restart it ask me if I want to resume where I left off (I want this feature!), If I select no then everything works as it should. If I select Yes and finish he course, all works as it should. If I select Yes and exit the course again with out completing the quiz the course gets marked as complete. This issue is the same as the one that was resolved in Release 5.

The Quiz is published for SCORM 1.2, Pass/ Incomplete and the Suspend Data field is well within the limits of SCORM 1.2.

Any help on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom and welcome to Heroes,

I'm sorry to hear about the behavior with your course. You mentioned a fix in update 5, and I believe you're referring to this one documented here. I'm curious to know a bit more about your course though, as there is still an outstanding issue in regards to a course being marked incomplete or failed after resuming if:

  • The course includes two or more quizzes, each with its own result slide.
  • The course is being tracked by a final result slide that accumulates the results of all the quizzes.
  • The learner exited and resumed the course.

Does that match the set up of your course? If not, can you also let us know if you were able to test this course out at SCORM Cloud and see the same behavior? If so, we'll want to take a look at the .story file and you can share it here in the forums using the paper clip icon.