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Feb 14, 2019


As part of the e-learning project that I am creating I have got Quizzes in between different sections. The Quizzes are not graded but are used to capture the knowledge of the user. 

Post answering a question (correct/incorrect) I want the next button to appear. I have got the continue button where once the user answers a question they click on the continue button to progress to the next page.

I want the user to review the whole course while they are navigating through it.

I have added a back button but am unsure as to how to add a next button which would appear post the answering of a question or enable the next button post answering the quiz.

Thank you

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Qasem Parvez


I have tried the above but am not sure what I am doing wrong. What I want is the user to be able to navigate back and forward throughout the whole of the module. The next button is to be disabled but only becomes active after the user selects the correct answer, also the user has 2 attempts to answer the question, I want to next button to again appear after the second attempt.  When trying a few options and going back after the quiz was completed and then trying to click on the next button it was not working.

I have attached an example of a quiz and also the pages pre and post the quiz.

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