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Wendy Farmer

Hi David, something isn't right with the result variables.

When you add a result slide - storyline automatically adds the variables. 

For each result slide there should be





When a second result slide is added the same four variables will be created BUT with a number tagged to it so they can be differentiated for the new result slide.This image below should not have two Results.PassPoints variables and two Results.ScorePoints variables. 

The variables for your second result slide should look like this:

At the moment both of your results slides 1.22 and 1.40 are using the same variables.

Viewing these variables - your result slides look corrupt.  I would put both of your result slides into a separate scene (don't delete them) and then create two new result slides.

You should see variables appear with numbers 2 and 3.  Just make sure you select the questions you want to go to each result slide as all quiz slides will probably be selected by default.

Hope this makes sense. If not, let me know and I create for you.