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Sep 11, 2018

Hi, I have built a ten question quiz+quiz results slide that includes all the questions. The problem is that after I load it into our LMS, the quiz results show 0% correct regardless of what I submit as answers. I submit all correct answers and am told I did not pass the quiz. Not sure what I can do.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Scott! Tell me more about what's going on here. Do you see 0% on the Storyline results slide, or 0% as the score in the LMS? 

If the score is incorrect in the LMS, we'll want to test your content in another LMS environment to see if the same thing happens there. SCORM Cloud is handy for that kind of testing, and we've got an article to explain how it works!

If you'd like some help with that, simply share the original (unpublished) Storyline file with us right here. Thanks!

Adam Kenworthy

This is quite an interesting post.

Reason being I recently updated a course which contains a quiz which had no previous issues. However this week some users, not all, are getting incorrect results on the results slide. When they review the quiz they have answered correctly.

As this is only happening to a few and not all end users we are also investigating if there are other IT issues.

Will be interesting to hear what Scott comes back with.

Scott Jones


The 0% shows up on the Storyline results slide, after it has been uploaded
to our LMS (Litmos). Unfortunately the specific course I was building is
very proprietary, so I will strip it down and then send it to you. But I
did create the quiz results slide and included all the questions that I
wanted included. I am pretty sure I followed the steps outlined in your
tutorials, so I am a little stumped.


*Scott Jones* | LMS Administrator/eLearning Developer

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Angie Carter

Great video answer, Alyssa! I was hoping my issue was more similar to Scotts, but it is not. Please let me know if you want me to start a new thread for this.

My issue:

I have a scored software simulation built in Storyline 2. I used Hotspot quiz slides so that I could most easily provide immediate feedback for every click the learner makes and also so I could easily display the learner's overall accuracy upon completion of the simulation.

I believe that my issue comes into play at this point; I wanted to break-up the sim into smaller chunks and provide the learner with their current score before they reached the end of the lesson.

  • My first Results Slide (1.24) includes slides 1.5 through 1.22
  • My second Results Slide (1.42) includes slides 1.5 through 1.40 
  • My final Results Slide (1.51) includes slides 1.5 through 1.49

It seems like Storyline does not like the fact that I have the same Hot Spot slides being used by multiple Results Slides because every time I modify the project, Storyline will remove the check-marks to exclude slides from one or more of my Results Slides.

I appreciate your ideas for remediation!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Angie!

You're spot on -- each results slide should cover a unique set of question slides. 

I would set up your results slides like this:

  • Results #1 - slides 1.5 through 1.22
  • Results #2 - slides 1.23 through 1.40
  • Results #3 - slides 1.41 through 1.49
  • FINAL Results - combine scores of results #1 - 3

Let me know if that setup would work for you!

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