Quiz Not Locking Down?

In a small quiz that I designed for a subject matter expert, we created questions with specific feedback. He wanted students to know the right answer before moving on to the next question, as it builds (so if you got #1 wrong and didn't know, chances are you would get all of them wrong).

We have been exporting this as an LMS package and uploading to Blackboard 9.1. Today, he noticed that somehow someone got a 100 on it (when it is only worth 95 points total). When we looked at the grade report, it appears the student was able to go back and redo some questions. The way I have it built, it shouldn't allow that. I can't seem to replicate it myself. Any thoughts? I've included the package below.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephen,

Your quiz setup looks to be correct, and I'm not seeing a way that learners could go back and redo questions since you haven't included the slides in the menu and you don't have previous and next buttons in the course. 

Can you tell me more about how you were able to tell the student was able to go back and redo some questions?

Stephen Scheib

Thanks for replying and checking it out.

Here is a screenshot of within Blackboard that shows the analytics for the student's interaction. I've marked a question she marked incorrectly and then somehow went back to it and marked it correctly. We would have never caught this, except that somehow the score was 100 out of 95 possible points.

Stephen Scheib

That's where we are lost and confused. It seems like since she did some questions over, that they added on to the score so that it went beyond the set value (and maxed out at 100).

Even if she exited out and came back in, why did it record more than one answer for her? That's a big loophole to exploit when we are trying to lock it down for 1 attempt per question.