Quiz not resetting to initial state post incorrect answer

Sep 19, 2018


I have created a quiz (please see attached example of the quiz), if a user gets the answer incorrect they are able to have another go.

The issue I am having is that upon the incorrect answer screen appearing and the clicking on continue to return to the quiz screen the answer that the user selected is still visible. I want the page to return to its initial state, having chosen return to initial state the answer is still visible.

Please could someone have a look at the quiz attached file and let me know what I need to do to return the quiz to its initial state and that no answers have been selected.

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Emily Hackl

Hi Qasem - I added a trigger that says, "Change state of 'Zero' Checkbox - "Rectangle" to Normal When the user clicks" and that removes their selection of Zero. I renamed two of your rectangle objects to "Zero" Checkbox and "Two" Checkbox. That makes it easier when creating triggers to choose the correct object for actions. I also changed the order of your Incorrect and Try Again layers. If users will always be allowed to try again until they get the correct answer, I don't think you need both layers. Hope this helps! 

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