Quiz not working when Published to SCORM 1.2

Hi, I am hoping that someone can help with an issue that I am having.  I have worked on Articulate for years and have always published to Articulate Online without any issues whatsoever. 

I have just started a new role where we publish to SCORM 1.2 and publish on an LMS.  I can now not get the quiz to work.  It will not allow me to submit any of the questions.

I am sure it is simply a setting that I need to change somewhere, but would appreciate any help you can give.

Regards Steve

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Katie Riggio

Hi, Steven. Welcome to eLearning Heroes!

I'm happy to lend a hand, and have a few questions to start:

  • To make sure I understand what you're experiencing, it sounds like nothing happens when clicking on the Submit button?
  • Would you be able to share your .story file with me so I can have a close look? You can add the project by using the Add Attachment button in your reply or send it privately via this link.

I'd like to try to replicate this behavior in SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves in an LMS environment. Looking forward to digging in!

Steven Haigh

Hi Katie, apologies I have just seen your reply.

It wasn't a specific project, we are just working towards publishing all of our eLearning to a LMS so I just put a few quiz slides together with a results slide.

What I established was that the submit button was actually working but it is not progressing the slide for some reason, so I added in a 'hidden' button which revealed when the submit button was clicked and I used that button to progress the slide.

It is really strange, I'm used to publishing to Articulate Online but no longer have that option but you would have thought that it should be compatible with all LMS's.

Crystal Horn

Hi Steven!  You're right - the functionality of your course navigation shouldn't change just because you're hosting your course in a LMS instead of Articulate Online.

Do you give feedback on those question slides?  Clicking submit will submit the interaction for scoring, and then reveal a feedback layer where the learner clicks "Continue" to jump to the next slide.  If you've chosen no feedback, the interaction will be submitted and the slide should automatically jump to the next slide.

We're happy to see this example file you set up to find out why it's misbehaving!  Attach it here publicly, or use this link to share it with us, and we'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting.