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I'm developing courses in Storyline and I've a client with some specific quiz requirements.

  • They don't want scores shown, they just want to see the number of questions correct and the total number of questions.
  • They don't want the red and green Correct & Incorrect banners to show when the user is reviewing questions as they believe the user will be confused by the x on the Correct banner and think they've got it wrong!!

How do I make these changes? Also, in Quizmaker there was an 'email the result' button in addition to Print and Review. What's happened to it and why, and can it be recreated?



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon Eoghan, and welcome to Heroes!

  • Here's a helpful thread on how Maneli is creatively counting and displaying the number of correct answers on the Result Slide.
  • Although it's not possible to remove the banners upon Quiz Review, this thread discusses a possible workaround.
  • This Knowledge Base Article explains why we're no longer including the email results feature in our products, and Forum Threads here and here discuss some possible creative workarounds.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Phil Mayor

You can count correct answers relatively easy just set the question score for each question to 1 and the display results.scorepoints

you will have to manually type out of how many but this should achieve what you are after.

The correct/incorrect banner is slightly more difficult and really annoying it cannot just be switched off.  The workaround here is to mask it out by using part of your background on the correct incorrect masters.  It does help if your quiz slides have the same background.

Eoghan O'Maolain

Thank you, Phil. I got the correct/incorrect response working, it's as simple as you suggest. But still can't figure the irritating banners.

I've tried popping a shape on each of the question feedback slides. The shape obscures the bottom area of every feedback - except for the Review feedback. That one still displays the correct/incorrect banners when I run the Preview.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

UPDATE: See my 2 second answer below for using the Feedback Master

Hi Eoghan,

I've attached a story where I've done the "count" as Phil described. I know you already got that, but since I was uploading the story I figured I'd include that piece.

EDIT: Scratch this . See 2nd answer below Regarding masking the banners, I haven't found a way to get it to work on the feedback master - only on the review layer for each slide. If you watch this entire screencast by Jeanette Brooks, she mentions here that it only works for those slides where the change is made on the review layer. If there IS a way to do it on the feedback master, that would be awesome.

EDIT: Scratch this ;). So, I've not bothered with the feedback master - simply made the change on the Review layer for each quiz.

First, I added a rectangle with a solid fill (gradient fills are harder to match) to the Question layout in the Slide Master (not the feedback master). I wrote down the RGB values. I did this simply as a way of demonstrating that the "mask" you created on the Review layer (below) needs to match whatever the background is for the quizzes, as Phil mentioned.

Then, for the first quiz (there are 3 in this barebones example)

  1. I clicked the "Edit Quiz" button in the right pane
  2. Typed a space in the Post Quiz Review box at the bottom of the dialog box, saved and closed. This simply adds the review layer.
    Note: You could also do this when you initially create the quiz.
  3. Back in the quiz, I clicked on the review layer.
  4. I deleted the shape that automatically appears there. Because it's a caption shape, even if you choose solid fill, the gradient seems to remain.
  5. Inserted a new shape with the RGB I'd written down. No lines. No shadow.

For the 2nd and third quizzes

Repeat steps 1-4 and

then copied the shape I'd created on the Review Layer of the first quiz onto the other quiz review layers.

EDIT: Scratch this ;). I sort of got the feedback master working. See belowPlease shout out with any questions - and if anyone can get this to work for all quizzes by making a change on the feedback master, please advise! Would save a ton of time.

Eoghan O'Maolain

Rebecca, you're a star!! That works beautifully - the irritating little critters can no longer be seen - and Phil's suggestion that you reiterated changes the quiz review to the required format. Your sample story enabled me to see exactly how you did it. Full marks.

And thank you to everyone else who gave advise.