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This is a double barrelled question:

1. Please tell me that there is an easy way to set default question settings (no shuffle, number of attempts, point score etc)... It would be crazy not to be able to set these for whole question banks.... 

2. I want to add a couple of different scenarios to the final score. If the person scores less than 50%, I would like it to be flagged as a 'Fail' with no reattempt possible (this is so a trainer can go and see the person and check that everything's OK, perhaps give them some one-on-one coaching etc). If the person gets above 50% but below 100%, I would like them to be able to reattempt the Quiz one more time. Is it possible to have both scenarios attached to a quiz?

Thanks in advance!

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Phil Mayor

Questions need to be set by each individual question unfortunately, to late for you now but I normally set one uestion and then duplicate it.

You need to edit your results slide to add a layer for 50% or less add your reattempt button to the layers and ensure it is left of the 50% layer, for one attempt you will need a variable to track this and ensure the button is hidden after the first attempt