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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Theane and welcome to Heroes! 

The built in Multiple response or the Pick many would need to have the user select all the correct answers. I haven't seen an example that would score the user correct if they picked 2 out of the three correct answers - but I hope that it's something the community can assist you with. It's likely going to involve creating a custom question using a variable to track that they've selected at least 2 of the correct answers. 

Leena Jose

Hi Wendy Thank You so much!!

I did not create anything so far (just tried "Select Multiple" and "Multiple Drag and drop") but could not figure out how to proceed.

The Quiz : Select atleast 5 correct options

10 options (can be buttons/ images) are provided of which 9 options are right and 1 option is Wrong. Out of the 9 right options, user should be able to select any 5 and the score gets added in Result Slide

Wendy Farmer

Hi Leena

I chose a Pick One freeform quiz type and used two offstage buttons (Correct and Incorrect) which are entered into the form view as the possible responses.

I used a number variable (count) and also added a hint caption if they click submit before the count >=5.

Here is a quick Peek video of it in action and the story file is attached - hope this gets your started and shout out if you need more help.