Quiz problem when running course on an LMS

May 17, 2013


I'm building an assessment that has the following functionality:

The user is only allowed 2 attempts.

The pass mark is 100%.

There are 3 layers on the Results slide, one for the first fail, one for the second fail and one for passing. These are displayed based on the result score and what the attempt value is.

This is all working fine. However, when i pass the assessment and click exit (testing the package on SCORM Cloud), it gives me the complete / passed with my 100% score but if i go back in to the course again, it lands me on the Results slide (as expected) but presents me with the fail first time layer. The user can then go back to the start and take the assessment again.

I have bookmarking set to always resume but it appears that the variables in the course are being reset once the user passes.

When the user passes and clicks back in to the course again, i need them to see the success layer as they previously would have before exiting the course.

Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve this?



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shane,

Quick question; What are your revisiting settings on the results slide layers? Are they set to "Resume saved state"?

A little confused on one point, as well. If your users have passed the quiz the first time, would there be a reason to access the quiz again to see that they've passed? If you're wanting those who have failed to retake the quiz, you could have it all reset again, so it starts at the beginning. 

Just looking for a little more clarification, if possible :)


Shane McCarthy

Hi Christine,

Yes, i have the results slide set to Resume saved state.

I completely agree with you! It's a straight quiz so there's no reason for someone the access it again once they've passed but i'm implementing client edits at the moment and they seem to be very good at breaking things and this is something they've logged. I've confirmed the issue by testing it on SCORM Cloud and therefore am required to fix.

It doesn't seem to be an issue if someone fails it twice - they'll be blocked from taking the assessment again but it seems that the variables holding the score and attempts values are being cleared once you pass.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shane,

I wonder if it's because you're testing in SCORM Cloud. Are you able to share the course's .STORY file with me? If so, I'd be happy to take a look and test it on our servers. 

If the same thing happens, maybe I can play with it a bit and see what's causing the variables to reset. Everything should still be in place from the last attempt, so I'm curious what's going on.

If you can't share it publicly, you're also welcome to send it over privately, if you prefer.

Thanks very much Shane :)

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shane,

Totally understand. Just wanted to mention that any files sent to us using that form will remain confidential. Also, if needed, we'd be happy to sign an NDA. Just hoping to save you some time - but I do understand if you'd rather not share the original. 

If, however, you're able to recreate this, I'd still be happy to take a look as well.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Shane!

Sorry for the delay. I was able to find the case (#00334319 for my reference). Looks like John is currently looking into the case and checking out the file. I'll take a look, as well. If I'm not able to find a solution, hopefully John will be able to give some suggestions. Either way, you should hear from us soon.

If I have any updates, I will try to follow up with you here, but please keep in mind that I'll be out of the office for the weekend. 

I hope all goes well with the baby :) 

If I don't talk to you before then, have a great weekend!


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