Quiz problems

HI friends,

I'm a newbie to Storyline. I have quiz problems. I have seven question that I have locked (one at top, one at bottom and locked all others to the one above it). When the quiz plays it randomly selects the question (not in the order I want) and then duplicates some question and doesn't play others at all even though I selected "always". This, of course, messes up the quiz grade. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!!!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Devorah,

I took a look at your file, and I noticed there were about 7 different question banks, and only one of them had questions that were locked together - the "bulkhead" bank. The other ones had inconsistent behavior in terms of "always or randomly" being drawn in the shuffle and were all set to draw all questions, and randomly as the main draw set up - so that should be overriding any of the elements in the drop down column on the right hand side - but not override the locking. 

If you could pinpoint which section of the course is set up correctly as you'd like or is causing you difficulty we can look deeper into that area. I also noticed a lot of your feedback layers did not have any triggers allowing the user to advance past the feedback - so it's difficult to test this file as is.

I also saw Wendy shared information with you here in regards to how question banks work, and it may be worth reviewing that information before updating your file.