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May 17, 2012


I am looking to give users an indication of their progress through a quiz.  Is there any way to include e.g Question 1 of 15'?  If not can anyone suggest a way to achieve a similar thing.  Thanks!

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Gerry Wasiluk

Yes, through the use of variables.

Create a variable with an initial value of 0.  Then increment it by one with a slide trigger on each question slide.

Then add a text box to each question slide with "Slide %variablename% of 15."

If you let learners review the quiz, you may want to hide this textbox or the variable will still get incremented up.  Easy way to do this is put the text box on the bottom of the slide where the Correct/Incorrect rectangles overlay.

Do you let learner's retry the quiz?  If you do, you may want to have a quiz intro page and point learners back to that.  On that page you set the value of your variable back to 0 with a trigger.


Nancy Woinoski

You will have to create 2 numeric variables to get this to work.  Call the first one totalCount and set the initial value to the total number of pages in the quiz.  Call the second variable pages and set the initial value to 0.

On each page of the quiz add a text box that contains Question %page of %totalCount% 

On the first question of the quiz create a trigger that adjusts the variable page to a value of 1 (this will reset the page number to 1 if the user returns to the first question)

On the rest of the quiz pages add a trigger that adjusts variable page by +1 

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