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Sep 22, 2016

Hi there, I have built a quiz using Storyline 2. I have set the Result Slide properties to 'Allow user to retry quiz' and set the number of attempts to 2. When I go back to attempt the quiz for the second time (after failing the quiz for the first time), I can't seem to select any of the answers. I can select Prev and Next function, but I can't answer the questions. Please help? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Claire,

You'll want to make sure you enabled the "retry quiz" from the results slide options and then ensure that the trigger to reset the results is above the jump to slide trigger. Also the number of attempt setting you mentioned is likely on the individual question slides, meaning that the user can attempt it twice before being wrong. Also, look at your question slide properties to ensure that you're using the "reset to initial state" as well.

If all that fails, definitley share your .story file so that we can take a peek! 

Claire Forbes

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated!

It seems like I've done most of the items on your checklist, but still no luck. I'm attaching the quiz.

What I'm trying to do
If the learner fails the quiz after the first attempt, they can click the Retry Quiz button and get a second attempt. After the second attempt, the Retry Button will disappear preventing the user from completing the quiz any further. When they are completing the second attempt, they should be able to select different answers without seeing what was previously selected.


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