Quiz properties in Storyline

I have been using Quizmaker for a while and we just purchased Storyline. I am wondering if I am missing the quiz properties dialog that I am used to seeing in Quizmaker.  The important things I can set with that feature are to set points awarded, attempts permitted, and use feedback or not. I can do all of those things at the slide lever in SL, but when I have a quiz of 100-200 slides, that becomes very tedious when I am also copying and pasting the content text into the quiz tool. And when I am concentrating on adding the content to the slides, I invariably forget to click one of the three items while in slide view. I have found ways to correct but it still takes time to go through the entire slide set to fix. Not being able to set those parameters for the whole quiz makes the task so much longer.

I looked at the slide master but didn't find it useful for the quiz slides.

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Nancy Roderick

Thanks for your response, Rebecca. I have looked at the Feedback Master, but it seems to be more layout-focused and does not have the properties related to the scoring, attempts, and whether the feedback is suppressed or not.  At least, when I visit all of the menus, I don't see those properties anywhere. I want to be sure that I am not missing some location where this information can be altered.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nancy,

Ah, I didn't read your question very carefully, did I? Just saw that you were chatting about quizzes, and that you'd looked at the slide master.

Hmmm. I hope someone else pops in here. In the meantime, would it work for you to create each of the kinds of quizzes your using, assing the points, attempts, etc., and then save them as templates? (the Storyline templates folder is located at \My Articulate Projects\Storyline templates) and then import them into your projects?

Forrest Stone

Great question: I'm still considering purchasing Storyline, looking for an answer to a different question. But I've noticed that you get those quiz-authoring-type choices when you first create a quiz slide / or a question bank, but then going back to that view to edit your choices doesn't seem easy to find, if it's possible at all ... You can edit a question bank, and some choices are available in a different form - sort of a tabular form with drop-downs, e.g., to change the number of allowed attempts at a question. But I don't see a return to that fresh toolbar type view until you create a new question or bank.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Forrest,

Did you see that when you go back to a Slide with a question there's an "Edit ___" button in the right-hand pane? so, for example, if it's a Drag and Drop Question the buttons says "Edit drag and Drop." And when you click it, all those options appear. Or, perhaps I'm misunderstanding your comment.

Nancy Roderick

Yes, Rebecca, that is what I was hoping to do--set the properties so that I didn't have to do it on each slide. I tried to create a quiz slide master but I didn't know how to do it, assuming it is possible.  I can insert a slide master but I can only insert common layouts and objects, not a quiz slide, or quiz features to add to a slide.

Shwetha, that's what I ended up doing since I happened to have that product before getting storyline. It won't help others who may not have Quizmaker.  I suppose there's no sense in Articulate giving full functionality to Storyline or they wouldn't sell their other products anymore. If someone is creating large quizzes, though, it certainly makes Quizmaker more desirable.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nancy,

I was able to create a T/F Quiz template quite easily. All I did was:

  1. Insert >New slide, select quizzing, select T/F.
  2. I didn't put in any content, but went straight ahead and changed the points assigned to 5,and attempts to 3, then Save and close.
  3. Click to Save as, Name the file (I called it T_F; Save as type: Storyline template.
  4. Be sure to save in the my Articulate Projects\StorylineTemplate folder

Begin a new project (or go to an existing project)

  1. Insert >New slide, templates
  2. click the template drop-down and select your template
  3. Import it, then click the Edit button and enter your question etc.
Nancy Roderick

So I don't need to use the slide master, just create a slide and save as a template, them import each time. Sounds great--I'll do that. I did create and use quizmaker templates, and heard people talk about templates, but I didn't realize how to take full advantage of them. Now I need to see what all I can leave in the template, or if I can create all of my specialty slides as templates. Thanks, I'm going to check it out!

Nancy Roderick

When I go into the slide master, there are for masters and all look virtually identical. I can see some formatting changes on a few but wonder if there are other properties differences I am not noticing. Does anyone else have trouble with this? How do you determine which to use? Anyway, I just selected one and changed the font size to suit my needs and filled in the information on the form. Now I am not getting an overlap of the answers, but the answer field and scroll bar are compressed so I they can't be seen, or at least not easily and not satisfactorily (the scroll bar does work.) Hope you can see the screenshots. How can I fix this?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Nancy,

I think I'm not resolving your issue - or at least not in the way that you want or need. It looks like you're going into the regular Slide Master and clicking on the Question Layout. But I don't believe this allows you to set the number of attempts, whether to show feedback, and number of points.

That's why I'd suggested that perhaps creating a new master for the types of quizzes you want to use may work. And then importing these into your course. That way those settings, and any others that you may want, such as with formatting, are all done.

Again, hoping someone else may jump in with another suggestion...

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nancy,

I'm a little late in this conversation, but just a thought: have you tried adjusting the story size so it will fit the content? It looks like (from what I can see) your font size is a little larger and there's a lot of text for the question. Maybe adjusting the size of the slide will help with this. 

If you'd like, you can post your .story file here and I can take a quick look to see if I can adjust this for you.


Nancy Roderick

The compression seems to begin with the default player size if the stem is 7 lines or longer. Either the scroll bar or the answer text is not extending below the bottom of the player. On slides where I have large textboxes that are longer than the player, I just add the scrollbar which allows for the movement of the text up and down. Here the scrollbar is compressing. It still allows movement up and down to view the text, although I think if I add even more lines to the stem, it might compress so much that it may not even work.

Nancy Roderick

Hi Christine,

Thanks for your input on this. First, we often have scenarios in the question stem which take more space than one or two lines. Yes, I can adjust the font to make allowances for this, but it takes a lot of time to go in and adjust individual slides to fix overlap and/or any incorrect movement of text when inserting 100 or more slides. I have not had to make this sort of adjustment in Quizmaker, no matter what font size is being used, although the form looks and seems to act in exactly the same way. The answers have always been just below the stem and the scrollbar easily allows the user to move freely to the bottom of the answers. Right now I might have the generic question set I was playing with that I can attach. I'm on a deadline today, though, so it may have to wait until later this week.