Quiz qu - Matching Drop Down - doesn't show select

Hi Everyone, 

I have a SL2 quiz with a Matching drop down question in it.  

In preview mode, when entering the slide all answer options show 'Select' and then people can drop down to choose from 1 of 3 answers.  This is the way it prev worked, however, in published mode it now displays one of the answers as the first choice when people enter. 

Does anyone know why I'm not seeing the 'Select' option on entry.  (Published to Moodle).  Images attached

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christine,

Wendy is correct -- we do have a Storyline 2 issue on our radar where the HTML5 output in Chrome will display the first answer instead of --Select--.

I'll be sure to add this thread to the report so that we can continue tracking user impact. Thanks for letting us know this bug is affecting you, and I'm sorry it's slowing you down!