Quiz Question and Distractor Attributes

We are updating master slide templates for several teams. Our Standards Team requested that all quiz fonts be Arial and that all questions and distractors match a branded blue. In View/Slide Master we can adjust the question color and font but have no access to adjusting attributes for the distractors. The distractors are always Open Sans and black. Is there a location or way that we can make the adjustments? The goal is to have developers select a new graded slide and then just populate the various fields. We're hoping they won't have to change the font and color for each distractor. Is this possible?

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Oliver Stankovsky

Adam and Ashley,

Thank you both for responding. The text "Click to edit choice text style" in the Slide Master view is where we had been trying to make the adjustment. It worked for the question string but wouldn't work for the distractors. Every time we tested, the distractors reverted to the original font (Open Sans) and color (Black).

What did work was heading in the direction suggested by Ashley where we made adjustments to Theme Fonts and Theme Colors under the Design Tab on the ribbon. This immediately resolved the issue we were having and the font style and color were no longer reverting to Open Sans and Black. They are now deploying as Arial and our brand color.

Again, thank you both!