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Mar 19, 2016

Hello Community,

I'm creating a course with Knowledge Check Questions every couple of slides.  I want to enforce the user to take the question before advancing in the course.  Therefore I set a variable to a First Visit of the slide scenario & to Hide the Next button as 1 measure.  Then an Adjust Variable once the user clicks the Submit button for the quiz question.  I have set the Navigation Restriction set to Restricted.  The issue is if a user were to click on the Previous button and go any previous slide then return to the Knowledge Check question the Next button will appear since they previously viewed that slide and can advance...even with Navigation Restriction set to Restricted..still can proceed to the next slide without answering the Knowledge Check questions 

Is there something else I can do to prevent users from skipping to the next slide?

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Tracy Parish

I'm curious about what they see after they click the submit button right or wrong?

Do they see a layer that shows them feedback once they answer the question?  Can you have a button on that layer that advances them to the next slide rather than have the Next Button appear?

You could add a trigger to the submit button directly that advances them forward.



Nicholas Gregory

Hi Tracy..thanks for your reply.  I have it set now when the user selects an answer & clicks submit the answer with an incorrect and correct layer depending on the response.  The correct response' layer's continue button jumps to the next slide.

I set a first visit variable and trigger which changes the state if a user goes back 1 slide then goes forward again to the knowledge check the next button appears.

What I'd like to happen if the user were to go to the previous slides to review information to get the knowledge check question correct that the next button doesn't appear until they get the answer right.

Also when they get it right and move forward if they were to go back to the knowledge check question to review their answer that there is a next button there to advance since they originally answered the question correctly.  I hope that makes sense.



Christie Pollick

Hi, Nicholas -- Thanks for your question and I'm glad to see that Tracy is assisting you! I did want to mention, you might want to share your file so that it is easier for others to see how things are set up and offer some additional suggestions to assist. 

Please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box and you can browse from there! 

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