Quiz question layout

When I insert a graded multiple-choice question on Storyline, I get an entry form much like I was used to using in Quizmaker. However, in Storyline, if the stem of the question is long and wraps to two or three lines, it overlaps the answers. With Quizmaker, on the other hand, when I complete the form and look at the resulting question on the slide, the answers have been moved down to accomodate the variable size of the stem with no additional intervention from me. In SL, I had to go into quite a few slides manually to move the textbox holding the answers down to avoid the overlap. I'm new so I want to be sure that I am not missing features somewhere that might be controlling the placement of the boxes on the slide.

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Evie Contreras

I'm having a similar problem.  I have created a quiz in Storyline (multiple choice) and one of the answers will wrap it's text.  Also, when the user moves his mouse from answer to answer, one of the them will vibrate like it is trying to resize itself.  I have attached a screenshot of the issue.  This particular answer is the correct answer to this question.  I don't know if that makes a difference.