Quiz question - no reporting, unlimited - doesnt work!

Hi Everyone - help! 

What I want, within my course, is just a simple quiz question, on it's own, with no reporting. I can set this up as usual, click "unlimited attempts" etc. However, when I click submit and the user has got it correct and gone to the next slide when the quiz question is revisited it won't let the user try the question again.

How can I set Quiz to do this? Seems pretty simple!

Many thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard,

The general way to set up a "Retry" within a quiz is from the Results slide - which since you're not reporting it, I suspect you don't have one. You can set the slide properties for that quiz to "Reset to initial state" so that the user can take the quiz again, although this will not work on fill in the blank type questions. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Richard,

Did you know there's a Blank results slide that you can use? This doesn't necessarily include a score, it CAN include a retry quiz button, and it does work with fill-in-the blank questions.

You can access it by clicking Insert >New Slide.

Select Quizzing on the left

Choose the Results Slide tab at the top.

Click the "Blank" results slide.

Just in case it might work for you, I thought I'd post. It's always nice to have options! If you have any questions, please shout out.