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Hi all!

I'm adding in a quiz question to storyline that has 4 answer choices. 

One of the answer choices is three lines of type while the other 3 are each single-line. 

When I review the quiz, the three-line option makes for some weird spacing occurrences.  I've tried to force each answer option "cell" to be the same height under the size section of the Format ribbon, but the numbers don't "stick" and the cells just revert to their original awkward sizing. 

I could force a work around by adding in returns before and after the single-line options, but I'd rather not do it that way. 

Any recommendations? 

Thanks in advance! 


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Antony Snow

Hi Doug,

Not sure I follow - what do you mean by "when adjusted from the ribbon"?

As far as I can see, the answer options are contained within a placeholder (it will appear on the timeline as 'Multiple choice', 'Multiple response' etc). If you select this and follow the steps above to select the 'Do not Autofit' of this placeholder, you can re-size it to be bigger than you need and this will also provide control over the size of the answer options.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Antony and Doug,

When Doug asked this:

Any clue why the Height option doesn't "stick" when adjusted from the ribbon?

I think what he meant was that even after changing a text box within MC to Do Not Autofit, when you go back and change the height (and width I'd imagine) using the tools on the Format Tab |Size group on the ribbon, the height doesn't/wont change.


If you use what one would expect would be the "same" tools in the Size dialog box, the height DOES change, and you can even see it changing on the ribbon (if you move the dialog box out of the way) while you're adjusting it in the dialog box.

For me, this happens whether I change the Do Not Autofit option for the "main" placeholder or the individual answer text box(es), or all of the above.

Seems like a bug to me! or maybe I've missed something...wouldn't be the first time.

Matt Mayer


I am now using Articulate studio '13 update 2 and have the same issues. If I develop a quiz using standard default size, then try to update the size of the quiz, when published many of the longer answers and scroll over 'highlight' skews such answers.

The answers are begin skewed because of the roll over 'highlight' feature which is not adapting properly to the new size dimensions of the module.

Even when I opt to select 'Do not Autofit' this does not resolve the issue.

So far I have not been able to find a way to control and or adjust the 'highlight'/ scroll over feature nor find a suitable work around other than recreating the entire quiz (100 questions) at the new size.

Please see images below:

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Audra and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Sorry to hear that you have run into an issue and the solution Megan shared above did not assist. 

Are you experiencing the same issue that was initially reported?  Looks like there is a mixture of Storyline and Quizmaker questions here. What software are you using?

If you could share your project file, I'd be happy to take a look.