Quiz questions always reset when leaving/resuming

Hi, it seems that in any Storyline assessment that I build, if the learner answers a question and then exits the course, when they resume they are dropped back onto the same question and able to answer it again. 

They could use this method to ensure they get every question correct. Just exit every time you get a question wrong and resume. Do this until you answer it correctly, then move on.

Is this the expected behaviour? It doesn't seem right to me.

This happens regardless of whether the questions themselves are set to Reset or Resume. I'm publishing to HTML5, SCORM 2004 and testing on SCORM Cloud.

Thanks, Nick 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Nick!

I'm happy to help! There are a few factors that determine resume behavior. For example, are each of the quiz slides set to Resume to Saved State, Reset to Initial State, or Automatically Decide? Another factor is the number of attempts for each slide will determine how this course resumes.

I've created a short demo of the expected behavior when a course is in an LMS environment and set the Resume to Saved State with two attempts for each quiz question. Here's the link. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions! We are available in this discussion or in a support case.

Phil Mayor

This would be expected behaviour resume data is only saved when you jump slides, the current slide you are on is not saved and starts from the beginning. Probably not what should be happening this is why I recommend to clients that final assessments should have no feedback, although to be fair if you know enough javascript you can find the answer on most Authoring tools

Nick Eastham

Thanks both.

Lauren, my questions are all set to 1 attempt and yet I can answer one, exit the course, relaunch and answer the same one again. I could do this until I answer them correctly.

Phil, your response is the key I think. If I didn't have feedback, the learner wouldn't have an opportunity to exit the course between answering a question and moving onto to the next one. I thought about having the feedback on the next screen, but I'm using question banks, so that's not really possible.

Not sure how I could use JavaScript to solve this. The problem seems to be happening because the question's state is not added into the suspend_data string until you move to the next screen. So forcing an LMSCommit with JavaScript at the point that you answer the question wouldn't help.

Hopefully the learners won't figure out they can cheat.