Quiz Questions not Showing in Preview Mode, Difficulty in Publishing - Storyline 2.0

Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing the issue of their quiz questions not displaying when they preview them, and if any fix has been found? 

I can build a question using the Quiz slides in Storyline 2.0, but when I preview the question, the answer bank shows up, but the question does not.  This is also happening when I publish the class.  I'm not sure what the issue is at all.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to fix it?  I have attached an image of my question slide, and then what displays in Preview mode here.  Thanks!

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Moises Alanis


Thank you for reaching out.  I was saving to an external drive (and haven't had any issues up to this point doing this), so I did go ahead and try to import the presentation to a new Storyline file which I saved on my computer's hard drive. 

However, the issue is still happening even in the new file.  I have gone ahead and attached my working file here.  I'm not sure where to go to fix this. I appreciate the help.  Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Moises,

Sorry for the delay - I was off yesterday. I took a look at this, and I see it happening in your file, and when I add a new question into your file. I also saw the behavior in a brand new file, and was able to narrow it down to a question type that has only one answer listed - if you include a second possible answer (even just spaces) the question text now appears. If you keep the question with just the one answer, it seems to cause issues with the entire file as well. Have you looked instead at using a "pick one" question type? It can be set up just as your multiple choice question was - but doesn't present the same problem. 

I'm going to report this to our QA team for additional review, but in the meantime I'd use the workaround of having two possible answers (such as a confirmation, and an option for them not to confirm?) or using the pick one question type. 

Moises Alanis


Thank you very much for the help!  I was able to get it work by just adding, and then hiding, an additional question to the multiple choice bank.  I tried the Pick One survey question as well, but it was giving me the same issue.  However, just adding a second answer to the Multiple Choice question, and then hiding the response under a shape, is a good workaround for now. 

Thank you again!