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Steve Flowers

Short answer: Nothing built-in to give you multiple gradeable questions on a single slide. Multiple questions per slide requires hand-building.

Long answer: You can build a custom slide that contains multiple questions with your own object and trigger logic. One of the things I like to do with questions (not just in storyline) is "ghost" a connection to a multiple choice or multiple select question.

For example:

I want to make a compound activity that requires drag and drop and selection but I only need to score it as right or wrong. So I make a slide with complex stuff over the top of a True / False question that has the correct answer of True but the default answer False. When I complete the activity right I trigger the True object to be selected. The user never views the actual question but I can record the results to the LMS without the fuss of worrying about tracking individual actions. 

If I want to record more detail than that I could setup a question with multiple correct choices:

[] clicked the 1

[] dragged the 2

[] clicked outside the area

[] another choice

And toggle these based on the actions I take in the slide. You could do the same for your multiple questions on the same slide.

[] Question 1... XXXXX 

[] Question 2... XXXXX 

[] Question 3... XXXXX 

[] Question 4... XXXXX 

The user never sees this but you're able to track based on custom setups that overlay it. 

Probably more than you were asking for 

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Andrew,

There are a few threads out there about this topic. I suggest taking a look at them to see if there's a method you'd like to use for accomplishing multiple questions or quizzes on one slide.





There's also a help document here.

Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.