Quiz questions randomising in error

Mar 12, 2017

Hi, my question bank is randomising questions even though the check box is deselected.  I can't use randomising because i have three attempts built in which means the questions must be served up in order.  I've removed Storyline and used sCleanup.bat, all to no avail.  I've built over 100 courses using my settings but not it's not performing as expected.

I've numbered each question.  It always starts with question 18, then question 1, then it randomises the remaining 18 questions (20 in total).

story file below.

Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Rodney

looking at the QB - Q18 is the first in the list that's why it's always appearing first.  

Have you tried re-ordering them into sequential order using the Move Question option at the bottom of the screen.

Alternatively, open the QB so the slides are in the thumbnail order down the left hand side and move them into order

Wendy Farmer

Hi Rodney

I put a shape with the number order on each quiz slide and followed the order you had in the QB and it's serving them up in that order. Is the issue it is not recording the result?

But you do have a problem - looks like your result slide is corrupt - when a result slide is added there should be 4 system variables automatically created.e.g.

You only have two...



Rodney Faulkner

Hi Wendy, i've sorted the results slide issue, that's no biggie.

I noticed that when I click into 'Click to view the slide draw' the question order is different to 'Click to view the Question Bank'.  I probably haven't had to reorder questions in the past hence why I was only looking at the question bank...which showed the order i wanted. Anyways all good now.

Thanks as always Wendy for your lightning fast response!


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