Quiz quirks

Hi all,

I have attached a file relating to my problem to help you understand my issue. I am really unsure about where the problems I am having lie as I am using 4 products at once. 

When I use the grassblade xAPI plugin on WordPress to upload the attached as a TinCan traceable file to a LearnDash lesson the following odd behaviour occurs:

1. The quiz asks if I want to resume when it has first loaded - obviously odd for a user if it hasn't been attempted

2.Question 5 or 6 vanish before the have been responded to and the result slide displays. 

3. When the submit button is pressed on the results slide it says 'you must complete the question before submitting'. 

As I am using Articulate, GrassBlade xAPI, GrassBlade LRS and LearnDash, I don't know where the quirks are coming from, or if I have done something wrong in the quiz itself. 

Any insight would be really appreciated!

Many thanks,


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Emily Ruby

Hello Aaron,

As far as the "you must complete the question before submitting" showing up after the results slide, you need to remove the "submit" button from the Slide properties. You only need to use the submit button if you are using individual quiz slides.

For the other behavior, I did not see it within your preview. You may want to test the course in the SCORM Cloud, the industry standard for testing content, to see if you get the same results.

When uploading your Articulate Tin Can API content to SCORM Cloud, you may encounter the following message:

The given tincan.xml was incompatible with latest version of the Tin Can API specification. Error was: Activity ID 'xxxxxxxxxxx_course_id' is not an absolute URI

This is a parser warning related to the version of the Tin Can API spec being used. It won't affect your content and can be safely ignored.

Here is some other information about troubleshooting your LMS that may be helpful as well.

Let us know if you need anything further.