Quiz repetition limited

Dear Community,

I was trying to limit a quiz to three tries.

Therefore I made a quiz and a result slide with a button, that allows the user to repeat the quiz.

By clicking this button the user would not only repeat the quiz but also a variable would count how often the button was pressed.

Than I made a trigger that disables the retry button after this variable would reach 2.

This all works if I preview only the result slide, however when publishing the entire project the counter does not work. I checked this by displaying the value of the variable. It just would not count further.

I made the setting that the slide would "save the state"

Do you have any idea if I am missing something / doing something wrong or if there is a better way of doing this?

I would appreciate all sort of help.



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Gerry Wasiluk

Only if you think the learner might quit the course after 1 or 2 quiz attempts and then come later to try the third attempt.  A LMS is good for recording and returning the variable value.  But you need resume turned on for that.  Variables between sessions ar eonly remembered when resume is enabled and used.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Max, I would recommend two things:

  • On the result slide, go to the trigger panel and find the trigger that adds 1 to the variable when learners click the Retry button. Move that trigger to be first in the list of triggers for that button. I think right now it is not firing properly because it's last in the list.
  • I also modified the trigger that changes the button to disabled: Change the state of the button to disabled when the timeline starts, if the number of retries = 2."

Does that help?