Quiz report and tracking


I am building a health and safety course in Articulate storyline. I have branched the course scenes according to their roles, managers or employees and they have a separate quiz at the end also according to their role. My question is how can I adjust the LMS reporting to track only one of the quizzes without specifying a specific one since managers won't take the employees quizzes and vice versa. I want the LMS to say completed as long as they took one of the quizzes.

Thank you.

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David Schwartz

I have faced this issue once, and while there might be a more elegant way to do this, here's what I did. It is not ideal, but I had the same number of questions for each grouping, and the same scoring. I included both sets of questions in the results, but set the passing percentage at half of what I would have.

In other words, let's say we had two different 10 question quizzes, I had all 20 questions tallied on the results page, and a passing percentage of 40. It works, but the drawback in the LMS is seeing a score of 40, even if it is passing.