Quiz reporting points and flagging wrong answers incorrectly

So I have a course with weekly quizzes that do not report to the LMS. The quizzes are just there as self-assessments for our course participants to help them review vocabulary and concepts from reading. I've noticed it more with Internet Explorer that a user will go through a quiz entirely getting all answers correct, but then get to the end and have the wrong score calculated. When they choose to review the quiz, I've had a user told that they got one wrong on a matching quiz (not possible!) so points were deducted. On another matching they were told that two matching were wrong, but by all documentation in the course et. al. their answers were correct. Again, it looks like points were deducted.

I was having difficulty replicating the issue on my end but I was using Chrome. I logged off on the results slide that told me I had 100%. I logged in on IE and it took me to the results slide that now tells me I have a score of 14.28% without retaking it. I went back in to review, and it takes me to the first multiple choice. Guess what? It's marked as "Incorrect" but all the answers are clearly correct!

This is quite aggravating to our learners!

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