Quiz reports complete/unsuccessful when only a few questions answered

May 04, 2020


Quiz tracking must pass at 80%

Users can only take the quiz 1 time but can access the course multiple times

Need to track specific Pass/Fail with score

eLearning set to pass/fail so it shows completed, even when the user fails, so that I can get accurate reporting. The problem is if the user goes in and only answers 3 questions, the quiz reporting is showing they completed the course and failed. It also removes it from their list of courses as it shows complete. How do I get the pass/fail for score but only show completed when every quiz question has been completed? Meaning is there a way to get pass/fail results but show in progress when the course has not been completed?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Michelle,

Happy to help here! It sounds like you'd like a combination of both a Passed/Failed and a Passed/Incomplete reporting option depending on whether the learner fully completed the questions or not. Unfortunately, you can only choose one or the other at the moment. You can read more about LMS reporting options below:

Stay tuned to our roadmap as we're working on a way to report multiple criteria that might be right up your alley!

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