Quiz Reset Goes to Layer not Slide

I have read several of the other posts about Quiz Resets. I used that information to put a trigger on a button that is on the Failure layer of the Results slide. (Articulate people talk funny).

I have a second trigger below that one that jumps to a particular slide. The problem I am having is the jump goes to the layer with the Quiz button not to the slide itself. I want the participant to review all of the information, not just re-take the quiz.

I could have the slide I want to land on Reset to Initial state, but that wipes out the visited states for other links.

Why is Articulate going to a layer and not the slide?

I have attached a copy of the file if that helps.

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Justin Grenier

I think you nailed it, Jeffrey.

Slide 1.21 (for example) seems to be returning you to the "monitoring 2" layer of Slide 1.19 because your When revisiting behavior is set to "Automatically decide."  I did verify that changing the entire slide's setting to "Reset to initial state" resolves the problem, but I understand that you'd like to avoid that.

I have attached a modified copy of your .story project file that does 3 things:

  1. Sets a variable called VaporQuizWasVisited to true when the learner clicks the applicable "Quiz" button on Slide 1.19.
  2. Hides the "monitoring 2" layer at timeline start *IF* VaporQuizWasVisited=true.
  3. Sets the VaporQuizWasVisited variable back to false at timeline start of the base layer, so that the "monitoring 2" layer can be viewed again.

Please take a look to see if this seems to produce what you're looking for, and have fun with it!

Jeffrey Riley


Thanks for the reply and example. I took your advice about changing the slide to "Reset to initial state" for the sub-category slides. That allowed me to keep the menu slide "Reset as saved" to keep the visited states on the topics. It also allows me to return directly to each category slide for failure, but go back to the menu slide for success. This is EXACTLY what I wanted to do.

I appreciated your solution with the variables, but the answer above works well.

This forum is the best and always come through.