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I have a quiz slide that has 6 responses of which 3 are to be selected.  When it is previewed it all displayed ok.  When it is published to LMS, when viewing the slide, the responses are not all showing, e.g. of the 6 responses, 3 are displayed and there are blank lines for where the other 3 should be.  I have looked at the layout/formats but cannot find anything that jumps out as to why this happens, other than it is a multiple response question. 

Any help would be much appreciated as I have 5 slides acting in this way, all multiple response.



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Dorothy Miller

Hi Wendy

I continued to search previous replies on the website and as publishing to c:\drive appears a lot, I have managed to resolve the issue by doing just that, and it has all worked perfectly.  I had been on a network drive which generally works well but in this instance the local one solved the problem.  Thanks for getting back to me.



Wendy Farmer
Dorothy Miller

I had been on a network drive which generally works well

Hi Dorothy

that is not recommended for opening, editing or publishing storyline files. Articulate recommend working locally including have all assets on your local drive so as to minimise possible slide/file corruption.