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Nov 21, 2017

Dear Storyline users,

I have to develop a learning tool for an on board training in commercial shipping. Our customers requested a function a the test result of each crew member. The problem is, that commercial ships have not alway a constant internet connection. Means I can not use a LMS or cloud system.

Is there a way to create personal log ins for crew members and a automatic result export fro Storyline 360?

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Sophie Kegel

Hi Crystal,

thank you for your fast reply. The learners maybe can print the results but the print button is not working if I publish the Course locally.

Is there an option to print every question slide with a print button? I think screeenshot maybe to difficult for some of the users.
We have the problem that some users do all trainings for all crew member an there is hardly know way to control them. I just try to find a way to make it more difficult to cheat!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Florian, 

How are you publishing the course? If you're using the web or LMS based output locally you may be encountering security restrictions from the browser so you'd want to upload to your site to test it. 

Printing every slide may be something you could accomplish through the use of Javascript triggers, but I'll have to defer to the community on that. There are some basics you could reference to get you started here. 

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