Quiz result is more than 100%!

We're having a new problem with quizzes in SL.

The learner receives a score of more than 100%.

Let's say 115% or 136.5%. 

These quizzes have question banks in them. And one result slide that includes all questions in the question banks. 

These are certification exams that do not provide the right score!

They are already online.

Unfortunately, after sending Articulate screenshots of received result slides and added one of the quizzes that provides this error - I was answered (after 48 hrs.) that support were not able to reproduce the error - hence this is probably an issue with our LMS.

I'm having hard time understanding how ca the LMS influence the results shown within SL output shown on screen.

And am very disappointed with the support.

Any ideas?

Anyone here can help out? 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Efrat! I read back through your support case to catch up with what is going on.  Here is a list of what Articulate sends to an LMS, but it is up to the individual LMS to interpret and display the data.  The reason that we recommend trying to reproduce in SCORM Cloud is so that we can identify where the issue may lie.  If your issue is reproducible, then we can assume that it is our software, but if not, the issue lies with the LMS.  

I know you mention that the content is already online.  Does that mean that importing into a new file and re-publishing is not an option?

What LMS do you use out of curiosity?

I know you probably posted here to get some additional help from the community, but just thought I would share what I could.

Thanks so much and have a great day!