Quiz Result slide Reporting 0%

Hi there

The result slide of my quiz, reports 0% even though some of the questions were answered correctly. However, the LMS reports the correct score. Since the learner only sees the score on the results slide, you can imagine how distressed a learner would be upon receiving 0%.

I have not been able to consistently reproduce this problem in Chrome, IE 11, Firefox or Safari, but have received intermittent reports of this happening in Safari and Firefox. 

Would really appreciate any assistance. 

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Dave Cox

HI Lizzy,

It is possible that you have more than one set of quiz variables. This can happen if you add results slides more than once, even if you have deleted the extra results slide.

In the triggers panel, click this icon to open the variables panel.

Variables Icon

Look at the variables that start with "Results" and see if there is more than one set. You may have something like "Results.ScorePercent", "Results1.ScorePercent", and "Results2.ScorePercent"  Look at the use count to see which one that is used on the most number of slides. That will tell you which results sets you need to use on your results slide. 

On your results slide, look at the variables between the percent signs. For example, %Results2.ScorePercent%%. If it is displaying the wrong results variable, update the number on this slide to the correct variable. 

Since your LMS shows the correct score, you probably have the correct slides selected for scoreing, but it doesn't hurt check check that to be sure as well. Click Edit Results slide, and make sure that the questions slides that you want to score are selected. These are the slides that this results slide will calculate for the score results.

Dave Cox

Hi Lizzy,

Sorry, I missed the part about the problem being intermittent. Yes, I would tend to agree. It seems like it must be something else. Since I haven't seen this problem and intermittent problems can be difficult to trace down.

If you can, you might test your course on the SCORM cloud, and maybe also check it in Chrome, since that is the recommended browser. Other than that, maybe the Articulate staff can give you some additional assistance.

Ashley Terwilliger


Did anything change in terms of the browsers you're using or similar? You may want to look at testing at SCORM Cloud as Dave mentioned and you could use this article to walk through the SCORM Cloud troubleshooting behavior. Also those are all supported browsers, but Chrome is supported for HTML5 - do you know if these other users have been accessing it with the Flash set up? You'll see the information here in terms of the supported browsers.