Quiz results :(

Sep 27, 2016

Hello all,

I have created a quiz but when users are submitting the correct answers it is scoring them as incorrect :(

Also I have done the quiz myself, using same answers both times but it scored me 50% the first time and 30% the second, even though the answers were exactly the same.

Can someone please help me :(

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Crystal Horn

Ugh, Mikey, sorry you're struggling with your quiz!  Definitely :(

Are you able to narrow down what browsers people are using to take your courses?  How about you- what did you use when you got inconsistent results?

If your course is hosted on an LMS, have you tried testing your course on SCORM Cloud to see how it should behave and score?

Finally, are you able to share your .story file here so we can look at the setup?  

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