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Apr 15, 2014

I have a course with 5 quizzes and 5 results slides. I only want one of those quizzes to affect the completion status of the course and report the score to the LMS.

On the results slide of the quiz I want to report, in the Edit results slide options I have the questions selected that I want to calculate results for and a passing score of 70%. Under options I select to show users score and the following variable appears on the results slide "%Results_3_2.ScorePercent%% (%Results.ScorePoints% points)". I delete the points portion because that does not matter in this case. I have an additional slide trigger "submit results (results slide) when timeline starts" 

In my LMS now the score is reported correct (it seems) but even if the learner scores less than a 70% they are marked as completed. 

In the quizzes that I do not want the score to affect the completion status or grade on the LMS there is not passing score associated. There is a slide trigger that says submit results (results slide) when the timeline starts. 

When I publish I track using quiz results and select the quiz that I want to track by.

I have read a few other posts saying that if you somehow (and i don't know how) end up with Results_#. variables they do not get reported to the LMS correctly. Is this the case and if so how do I get rid of the multiple variables?

I have other courses with only one quiz and one results slide and have not encountered this problem but I do have multiple results variables. One additional trigger I have in these course that I just noticed is a slide trigger to "set ScorePercent equal to the value of (Results_3_2.ScorePercent when the timeline starts)".  

Please help, these variables are starting to confuse me. What is actually sent to the LMS?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Alison,

Sorry for the confusion!

If you don't mind, could we back up just a little bit to the reporting options you're using? Which option are you using to report the status of the course?

For example, if you're using a Completed/Failed, that may be why you're still seeing the completed status in the LMS. Have you tried using Passed/Failed or a different option? If so, what was reported when scoring less than 70% for the quiz?

It may or may not be an issue with variables. Without seeing exactly how it's set up, it's difficult to say. Are you able to share the .STORY file for the project here? It does sound like it may be a large project, so if it doesn't upload to the thread, you can share it in a support case. If you'd like me to personally take a look at the file, just mention my name in the case description. 

In the meantime, it might help to import just that question and results slide into a new project file. Publish, upload and test that file on your LMS and see if the reporting works properly. If it does, it may be an issue with how that quiz is set up in addition to the other quizzes, or perhaps there's an option set incorrectly somewhere. If it does not, it might be an over all issue with the reporting options, the variables/triggers or the data the LMS is receiving. 


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