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Apr 22, 2013

I'm buiiding a Storyline project that is a competence test for people in multiple locations and multiple roles. It seems logical to create one project with branching scenes, i.e. 'Where are you located?' branches to three (literal, U.S.) states, then 'What is your job?' sub branches for each state to two job titles.

This will be posted in an LMS - so the big question before I go further with this, is:

If I set completion success to 80% is the score outcome in any one of the six branched quiz paths going to report correctly?

How do I set this up to make sure that is the case?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Josh Uhlig

You can definitely create a branching quiz that only directs people to the questions that pertain to them, but setting the passing score won't be as simple as setting it to 80% since you want to report ithe results out to an LMS.  I believe it is still possible, but you would need to sacrifice being able to review the quiz and displaying their score versus the passing score through the default quiz functionality.

In order for it to work with an LMS, you must have a single results slide.  In order for the results slide to work with every possible branch, you would need to include all graded questions in the results slide scoring.  So if you had 10 questions for each scenario, and you had 6 possible scenarios (2 for each state) - you would have a total of 60 questions (for this to work, you would need the same number of questions in each scenario). 

In order to set the appropriate passing score on your results slide, consider that out of 10 questions, a user would need to answer 8 correctly.  Instead of 80%, this would calculate out to 13% (8 out of 60 questions).  You would then want to remove the 'your score' and 'passing score' from the results slide, and keep only the pass/fail indication.  You also want to remove the ability to review the quiz, or they would review every possible.  You would also need the last question in each scenario to branch to the results slide.  To do this, go to both the correct and incorrect layers, and change the trigger on the continue button to jump to the results slide.

You could still display a passing score along with the user's score if you created your own variables.

Hope that isn't too confusing! 

Carol Levin

Hi, Josh,

Your answer is both extremely helpful and extremely frustrating, given that the content I've been provided has quiz requirements for people in each of three states doing either job A or job B or both job A&B. And in some states there are additional items.

Thus it seems impossible to make all scenes include the same number of questions. Any and all suggestions welcome!

Josh Uhlig

I'm not following you Michael.  In my last post I suggested making separate quizzes.  In other words completely separate modules (not different quizzes in the same presentation).

That said, the statement "only one is graded" is not true in regards to multiple results pages.  You can add as many results pages as you want and all can be graded.  But as you said, only one of those 'grades' can be passed to the LMS, and that selection has to be made when publishing.

Valentino Santana

I'm having a similar issue with a multi-language course.  I created separate branches for each language, with a quiz and result slide for each at the end.  Since we can't tell the course to submit the results of ONLY the branch the learner chooses, I created another results slide that averages results from ALL quizzes.  There are 8 branches/languages in the course, so when a learner achieves a score of 80%, the course reports 10% (80%/8).  Our LMS can be set to accept 10% as passing, but for some reason the completion isn't reported... 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Valentino, 

I think we have branched to a different question than we started with.  So your concern is not the completion status of the LMS, but that you do not want the learner to see their score of 10% for fear of confusion? Is this the same as your question here? Do you have to pass that score to your learners? Just trying to understand the big picture. 


Tony Chilvers

I have managed to get this working for our quiz. But it would need some work for it to be viable in other projects.

Basically we have two branches with the same number of questions, so I was able to hack the function that sets the score and double the value, needed to tweak the completion status function as well, but it works well in our LMS and SCORM.Cloud.

Be interested to see if the Articulate developers come up with anything similar to my fix.


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