Quiz results in branching Storyline scenes

Apr 22, 2013

I'm buiiding a Storyline project that is a competence test for people in multiple locations and multiple roles. It seems logical to create one project with branching scenes, i.e. 'Where are you located?' branches to three (literal, U.S.) states, then 'What is your job?' sub branches for each state to two job titles.

This will be posted in an LMS - so the big question before I go further with this, is:

If I set completion success to 80% is the score outcome in any one of the six branched quiz paths going to report correctly?

How do I set this up to make sure that is the case?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Tony Chilvers

Hi Amanda,

I gave up editing the functions in the end, as we were getting inconsistencies with results across different LMSs.

What we did in the end was use layers to "branch" each question. Only draw back is that both banks have to have the same number of questions. Have a loo at the thread below.



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