Quiz results in Moodle 2.7

We’re about to upgrade to Moodle version 2.7 from 2.4. I’ve always been disappointed how difficult it is to analyze detailed quiz results when running SCORM packages. All we can effectively access is each student’s total score. However, we need to know what questions were missed by the most students and how they answered, etc. etc. It’s forced us to use Moodle quizzes in situations where Storyline would be more effective.

However, I am hopeful.

Does anyone know if the recent improvements to Moodle’s handling of SCORM enable better item analysis than in the past? Has anyone tried the plugin called “Question Trends”?

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John Black

I've created an issue for an improvement to how Moodle handles SCORM quiz results. Please go to the Moodle Tracker, logon, and vote for MDL-45712.

Moodle now has an Interactions Report that can be exported as a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, it only shows how the student responded to each question, not whether the response was wrong or right. However, our favorite Moodle guru, Dan Marsden, says that can be fixed by adding an already-existing Quiz Results field to the Interactions Report. Doing this will greatly enhance the effectiveness of Storyline on Moodle.