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Wendy Farmer

Hi Isobelle

For each question option I created a T/F variable default False

When the user answered the question, I set a trigger to adjust the associated variable to True...eg.

Q1A radio button selected - Q1A variable adjusted

On the graph slide I created an oval shape for each possible response and placed them all on the graph in a hidden state.  Then if the variable from the previous slide was True then that oval will be change from hidden to normal to show it's place on the graph

Hope that helps - shout out if you need more help :-)

Wendy Farmer

Sure you could try something like this - hard to say without seeing your setup. 


Below I have attached an updated sample.  Each group of 4 radio buttons per question will need to be in a button set - so only one of those can be selected at any time.  Highlight each group of 4 > Right Click > Button Set > new